Villa Cuba, Varadeo, Cuba

Villa Cuba is now called Be Live Experience this resort has to be the worst resort in all of cuba food uneatable I had to go across the street to get a descent meal rooms small and full of ants if you tip at check in they will give you a better room save your money and go else where it’s too bad it’s walking distance to town nice beach if they put some money into the resort it could be nice when I was there Cubans were living on the resort in the villas they tried to get me to take a room in the villa I went to check it out first it was a closet made into a room one door no window but did have a washroom so please DO NOT BOOK AT THIS PLACE!!! it’s rated 4 star to me it’s not even a 1 star…

Pictures of other Resorts and of places in the town of Varadero


NH Krystal, Cayo Coco, Cuba

First resort that didn’t have a balcony or terrace just a big window that opened nicely laid out several sections not sure if I would go back maybe if the price was right choice is yours!!! don’t really have anything bad to say about this resort just not my style…

Playa, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Very nice resort very clean friendly staff lobby can get packed in the evening there is a guy that pushes his cart around with specialty coffee’s in the evening ringing his bell which can get to you after a few days but the coffee’s are great!!! The beach is ok during the day but come afternoon it disappears so get your spot just above the tide line the resort is on a corner so this happens everyday would recommend this resort to friends

Memories Caribe, Cayo Coco, Cuba

I liked this place when we went in 2014 there was no lobby bar but that might have changed beach was narrow but others had said this wasn’t normal use to be wide the resort use to be called Blue Bay before they changed the name there are some wild bores that come on to the resort and beach that love to steal hot dogs this happened mom dad and two babies the resort is nicely laid out would go back here had a good time…